raging fire destroys timber home

Rebuilding after Fire Damage

When you’ve lost your personal belongings due to a natural or accidental fire, mintconstruct.com.au is here to help you with your home renovation requirements.

We have extensive experience in rebuilding many types of properties after fire damage – ranging from commercial warehouses to residential homes.

Whether the fire is big or small, we’ll work around the clock to make sure we rebuild quickly and safely to release the burden from your family.

Repairs Beyond Fire Damage

Fires can inevitably cause other events to happen within your home such as chemical damage or water damage.

We’re trained to deal with all types of fires and are have a range of experience rebuilding properties properly and safely. Our company can help you rebuild in a reasonable amount of time and within budget.

We work hard to help customers get back on their feet again. We’re here to help take on any of your building work within budget. We get the job done quickly with a view to make it easier on your family at such a hard time.