swollen Gold Coasr creek closes road

With our network of insurance companies, Mintconstruct Pty Ltd is able to quickly work through estimates and speed along the process of home claims to get flood damage sorted quickly.

Our insurance builders are the experts in flood damage control and can be on hand to ensure your re-build is exactly to your specifications.

Our team of experts are on hand to ensure safety, quality craftsmanship and budget are top of mind.

There’s more to flood damage than water

Flood Damage AerialOnce floodwater dries up or moves away, there’s often more dangers afterwards than meets the eye.

Resonating water can create mold spores and other fungi, which can severely impact your health. Cleaning up severe flood damage is much more than mopping up what is visible to the naked eye. Homes need to be hygienically cleaned to ensure no hidden nasties are left behind.

Our professionals are expertly trained to remove any dangers in your property quickly and within your budget.

We get the job done quickly and safely so you can get back to normal.