Home by Mintconstruct: extensions builder Gold Coast

Need a home extension done? Get Mintconstruct’s Gold Coast builders to do the job.

A quality home extension is often he best choice for people who want a larger home but don’t want to sell or leave their current house and move to another home.

Whether you want your house extended upwards or outwards, or even downwards, we’re the experts for the job! Are you considering one of these types of extensions?

  • single story extension
  • second storey extension
  • garage conversion
  • loft coversion
  • conservatory
  • basement conversion
  • cellar conversion
  • backyard bungalow or granny flat

Mintconstruct don’t just add additional rooms or areas into our client’s home, we carefully design and construct these new rooms so that seem to be a natural part of the original home. Our aim is to ensure when our clients walk into the extended area of their home they experience a seamless transition from original home to extension.

The Mintconstruct team collaborates closely with clients when doing home extensions to ensure customers and the construction team are all heavily involved in all stages of planning.

Our Home Extensions Process

The Mintconstruct team follow a simple but effective home extension process that works for our clients and ensures all stages of the extension run smoothly with an aim to ensure as little inconvenience as possible to the home.

  • Phase 1: Mintconstruct team of experienced renovators check the property or home and estimating the cost of the extension project.
  • Phase 2: If the client agrees with the estimate, the Mintconstruct Pty Ltd team will produce a quote for the client.
  • Phase 3: Planning and design takes place for the extension, which involves developing a plan for which materials will be used and the look of the new house area.
  • Phase 4: The extension commences – the Mintconstruct work to continuously include all the input from our clients to ensure the final construction meets and exceeds their expectations.
  • Phase 5: Extension complete – we clean up and leave our homeowners with a new extension specifically created to their exact specifications.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Home Extension

What do you need the home extension to provide – additional space or more value?

Most homeowners who want their home extended need additional space for a growing family or additional needs such as an extra area for elderly parents or a teenager’s retreat.

On the other hand some homeowners want to increase the value of their home by extending the kitchen or constructing a new garage.

Mintconstruct provides an exact estimate so that clients can work within their building budget to ensure there are no surprises at the end of the project.

Mintconstruct does home extensions on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW – call us today for a quote and have a chat to our team about your home extension needs.