lightening bolt strikes gold coast suburb

Preparing for an emergency

Whether it’s small or large, we can help you prepare for all disasters.

Particularly leading up to the storm season, we encourage all clients to consider engaging Mintconstruct to repair your roof, board windows, replace and repair general areas of your premises.

As one of the Gold Coast’s best insurance builders, we are able to come out 24/7 to help you prepare for an emergency situation.

Insurance repairs

We’re here to help and can arrange an array of insurance repairs and precautions for your home.

Tarp and roof repairs are often essential to ensure your home is livable and safe, our skilled team can also board up windows and re-glaze them in case of high winds or other damages made during natural disasters and occurrences.

Engaging one of our experts to take care of your insurance repairs is key to ensuring your home is protected during all natural disasters.

Give the team at Mintconstruct a call today to find out more or download our disaster management fact sheet to find out how you can protect your property.

Download GCC Disaster Management at Home (PDF)

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