Are you looking to build your dream home in South East Queensland? You’ve come to the right place!

Mintconstruct offers a complete range of residential building services including:

3D drawing of home interior

We specialise in building and updating homes and residential projects in a range of styles including classical, modern and eco-friendly. No matter what style of build you are looking for, Mintconstruct has the experience to make your dream home a reality.

We understand how exciting building and updating your home can be, and we’re happy to provide you with an initial estimate within 24 hours.

To ensure we use the most up to date prices for materials and labour, we use the construction industry’s leading Cordell Estimating Software. This software lists all the finer details and inclusions for our building projects to ensure our quotes are within 5% of our client’s original estimate.


Mintconstruct is HIA GreenSmart Qualified

We share our clients’ passion for environmental sustainability. To minimise our construction’s impact on the environment, Mintconstruct are HIA GreenSmart Qualified.

What does this mean?
Being a HIA GreenSmart Qualified Builder enables Mintconstruct to design and construct your new home or home renovation in accordance with a range of realistic and achievable principles that not only deliver a comfortable and healthy home but helps to conserve the earth’s resources as well.

Ask our team how you can build your next home with using eco-friendly practices.