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Eco building solar power is part of the future and partner with one of the best installers available.

Free energy from the sun couldn’t be more environmentally friendly and at Mintconstruct we utilise the expertise of our preferred solar power installer ‘SAE Group’.

SAE Group are committed to providing immediate response to all our needs when it comes to installations of solar panels and inverters on our new builds, renovations & extensions.

If you’re solely looking for a solar power installation feel free to contact them directly via their website www.saegroup.com.au

Solar Power Is Fundamental To Eco-friendly Building Solutions

If you are looking for a way to save energy costs and still use sources that are clean and eco-friendly, you cannot go wrong, if you choose to tap into the energy available in solar power that is almost limitless.

Solar Lights

Solar lights can be ideal for use to light up courtyards and backyards that can light up your property without any cost to you after you have paid for the original installation. They are also do not require much of maintenance, while they are very durable and will last for years.

Solar Panels

As part of your building solutions, you can choose to install solar panels that will convert the energy from the sun into electricity. If you decide on this when you are building a home, you must make sure that the roof on which you are installing the panels has the right orientation, and sufficient area to provide all the electricity necessary for your use in the home. Some thought will also have to be given to the structural arrangements of the roof so that it can take the additional weight of the panels. These panels are not too heavy, but checking the structure is a matter of abundant precaution.

It is essential that you assess your electrical requirements correctly so that the panels you fit onto the roof are of the right size. Alignment must be such that the sun falls on the panels at right angles, and this at times might be difficult in some plots. You also need to ensure that there is no shadow from trees or adjoining structures that prevents your panels from receiving the rays of the sun. It is always advisable to have a battery backup arrangement where the excess energy that is not in use can be stored for later use. One disadvantage of solar power is that it is only available during the daytime when actually you do not need lights, or in all probability are not even at home to use various appliances. As part of your environment-friendly building solutions, this problem can be addressed in two ways. The first is the already mentioned battery backups. The second solution is to link your solar panels to a mains power circuit that can also tap into the power from the main electricity grid. Many utility companies pay for such power, and this can be offset against any power that you draw from them when you need it at nights or other times. A battery backup system is, however, essential if you want to draw on solar power, even on days which are cloudy and when the panels do not perform to their full efficiency.

Solar Hot Water

Another thing that can help in your quest for eco-building solutions is to use the energy from the sun to also produce hot water, which is a requirement in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries in homes. Solar heat collectors, similarly installed on roofs, can collect the heat from the sun and heat up water. This may not give you steaming hot water but will raise the temperature to a fair degree. This water can be used as feed water for any boilers, electrical or oil and gas-fired, to heat the water to the required temperature. This solution can result in a large reduction of utility bills or fuel costs for boilers. Solar collectors can also be used to heat swimming pools so that they can be used comfortably all through the year.

Take Advantage Of Solar Power For Your New Construction

Other eco-friendly building solutions that depend on solar power can come from a proper orientation of the windows of a home to give the required natural light and heat. You can also use light pipes that will direct the sunlight into the dark and otherwise poorly lit spaces of your home, like a basement or attics. Buildings must be designed in such a way that they are able to take the full advantage of the heat and light from the sun’s rays that fall on it. Installation costs of devices that use solar energy, like panels and collectors, can be a deterrent. but many countries offer grants and loans that can help. In the long run, however, the savings in electricity and fuel costs can completely offset these high costs. These building solutions also require the minimum of maintenance and this can be an added bonus.