Insurance Builders Gold Coast | Insurance Claims, Flood & Fire Damage, Disaster Response

Everyday building repairs
Dealing with insurance companies and preparing to lodge a claim can be a stressful time indeed. Looking after you and offering our assistance in this time is at the very core of our business ethos, and is something that is taught to all of our staff and construction personnel.



With a dedicated 24-Hour Emergency Phone Line, you’ll have the confidence in knowing that we’re always by your side. A make-safe procedure in the middle of the night, a BAU claim, assistance with a natural or man-made disaster or any number of events – Mintconstruct can always help.


We’ve overseen rebuilds and renovation projects throughout QLD, NSW and Victoria following major natural disasters, and are highly experienced in dealing with such matters. Protecting damaged properties forms a great part of the work we carry out.

Insurance Claims

Whether it be natural disasters or accidental claims, it’s our number one priority to ensure you’re safely back in your home as soon as possible, and with as little stress as possible. Rest assured, however: as with all our other services, a job done quickly will never be done at the cost of a job done right.


Flood & Fire Damage

When your home is affected by flood or fire, regardless of the severity – our multi-talented tradespeople can come equipped to carry out thorough renovations and repairs on your property, ensuring you have full peace of mind before moving back into your home.


Disaster Response

Our seasoned tradespeople are prepared and ready to react to any national disaster. Given our experience – and provided we’re able to act in time – we can often take measures not only to fix existing damage, but to reduce overall damage done to your property.



We Also Cover:

Large loss events

Complete control of works

Detailed assessment and reporting

Your entire claim process

Full Project Management

Managing tradespeople from different specialities and backgrounds is all part of the service. In dealing with your insurance issue, we’re able to assemble a team of all the necessary workers, all offering their separate areas of expertise, and are able to oversee your entire project.

Emergency Make Safe

Our emergency make-safe service is available 24/7 to respond to any situation where there has been damage caused by natural disasters such as fire, flood and storm, as well as that which has been caused by burglary and vandalism.

24 Hour Emergency Make Safe

When disaster strikes, Mintconstruct provides our customers with the convenience of a 24-Hour Emergency Make-Safe Service. Oftentimes, disaster cannot be predicted, especially if it is caused by man and not nature. Our workers will assemble promptly, ensuring damage is minimised and safety is restored.

Most importantly, not only is it our focus to repair any and all damage to the best of our ability, it’s equally our focus to prevent any further damage from occurring.

A Quick Response Always

In addition to reducing the damage sustained during these events, it’s important to protect yourself and your family from further damage. That’s why we respond as quickly as possible. Acting before the situation gets worse is not only the best for safety reasons, but for financial reasons too: the longer it is left, the more damage that could occur, and the more you may be liable to pay in the long run. We’re also here to help with your insurance claim lodging process.

Mintconstruct Is Able To:

  • Tarp & repair roofing
  • Repair & re-glaze windows
  • Restore essential services such as power and water
  • Install temporary structures like walls and fencing
  • Perform landscaping, as well as removing, trimming and cutting down trees
  • Salvage and recover your home and its contents as best as possible
  • Extract water and perform structural drying