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Office Fit Outs

If you’re looking to build a new office or refurbish and improve the functionality of your existing one, Mintconstruct has the expertise and experience to deliver an innovative concept and flawless final result for your next office fit out.


All of our fit outs include extensive planning and design, incorporating modern interior design techniques and ensuring both a contemporary and functional office space. Better yet, opting for an office fit out is almost always cheaper than moving your office to a larger location or renting additional office space.


If you’re interested in an office fit out, enquire today to discuss your options. We’re also very happy to arrange a tour of some of the office fit outs our team have recently completed throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Friendly To The Environment & Your Wallet
Our professional fit out service will not only improve the look of your office, it will lower your energy costs too. So not only will you be acting in a sustainable way, you’ll be reducing your overall expenses – both in the short term through cheaper lighting and fixtures, and in the long term through reduced energy consumption.


Thinking Of Everything
The builders and designers at Mintconstruct do more than work with you – we partner with you and your team. As your partners, we will:

Determine the ideal size and configuration of your office spaces

Ensure the layout maximises use of space and efficiency of operations

Accommodate changes that may be likely to occur in future, factoring in plans for growth

Consider any other requirements and factor in your team’s suggestions.

Shop Fit Outs / Commercial Construction

As a fully licensed and insured builder with a combination of experience in designing, civil engineering and commercial concreting, Mintconstruct is highly skilled in commercial construction projects, serving as the all-around best choice in creating your brand new shop or store.


We also offer our services as subcontractors to other companies, helping to provide additional workers and specialists to enhance your project, reduce costs and improve the end result.

Shop Refurbishments & Renovations
If you’re looking to spruce up your existing commercial establishment, look no further. We understand you want to resume business as soon as possible, so we perform the majority of your shop fit out outside standard office hours, ensuring next to no delays or disruptions occur.

Throughout weekends, or during specific time frames that suit you, are very manageable for our team. Mintconstruct also gives you the option to incorporate environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient designs throughout your entire shop or store.

Design & Construction That Go Hand In Hand

A common mistake made in shop fit out projects is too much emphasis being placed on initial design, leaving the execution of the plan and end construction as little more than an afterthought. With Mintconstruct, this isn’t an issue. We offer a full design and construction service, ensuring one is never performed to the detriment of the other.


Better yet, this means that everything is handled by the same team. No communication issues, no back-and-forth – just a job well done. We ensure all furniture and fixtures are considered in the design process as well.