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Many of the team at Mintconstruct are long-term members, providing a unique environment where every project is undertaken with consistency and executed to the highest possible standard.

Not just a team of builders, we have a passion for construction that crosses over into every project we take on. It’s this passion that drives us to achieve an attention to detail rarely found in construction: from the initial stages of planning and design, right through to adding the finishing touches to your home, our many long-term clients know us for our dedication to seeing a project through from beginning to end and beyond.

Through our commitment to quality, project efficiency and your absolute satisfaction with the journey and finished product, we don’t just build or transform houses – we set our minds and skill to turning construction and renovation dreams into a reality you will be proud of. At the head of our team is Geoff Symons, Owner and Director. Geoff has worked in the construction industry since 1998, beginning his career as an apprentice carpenter.

“I have worked hard to absorb as much knowledge and acquire as many key skills as possible from quality builders who are experts in their field. I have used this knowledge to grow my passion and my career from my first supervisory role in 2005 for a civil construction company, to a national insurance builder in 2007. I then went on to attain my Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Building & Construction enabling me to start Mintconstruct – an unrestricted licensed building company that I am very proud of.”

Geoff Symons - Owner & Principle Builder




We begin with your initial on site consult with the builder who will ultimately work on your project in order to discuss your ideas, desires and design concepts.

Next is the fun part, where you’re able to put your ideas down on paper. You can bring your own plans, or we can create them for you followed by a 3D generation. From here, a site survey and soil testing are conducted. Any of the reports and plans created during this phase are yours to keep.

We will prepare an estimated construction cost for you based on your design and building site, and will work with you to help see every one of your goals and desires materialise as part of your new build. You’ll work with us to finalise your project inclusions, the result of which will be a full construction quote, along with a full HIA-accredited building contract.

Mintconstruct offers true peace of mind, where you are able to enjoy a 12-Month Maintenance Period on your new home.

Once you are happy with the design and inclusions, it’s time to proceed with preparing your final documents for construction, including engineering design, energy efficiency and planning approvals.

Upon completion of all of the above, construction finally begins. We will do all we can to facilitate full disclosure with you during the building process. Open communication with your builder, along with walk-throughs of your property and regular progress updates, are all part of the Mintconstruct service.

Congratulations! Your building project is complete. A thorough inspection of the completed project will be carried out and any items requiring attention are assured to be rectified prior to final acceptance. Once that’s settled, it’s time to move in and enjoy your new home.

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