Looking at your Home as a Whole


Achieving a solid home build isn’t just about looking at the layout of a specific room or space. It’s about looking at what your final home will look like as a whole. It’s smart to focus specifically on the layout of your home, whilst always referring back to the original items on your assessment list or wish list. This is step is one you shouldn’t rush through! This is the foundation from which all else will follow. Think and feel into what it will be like to physically live in the space you are imagining. Does open plan actually suit you or is it just what you’ve seen in glossy magazines? How do bathrooms need to be configured to handle peak traffic times? How does the flow need to go? How can natural light best be captured? Where can teenagers enjoy their growing independence or what does a toddler need to safely explore the garden? These are just some things to take into consideration when looking at the full picture of your build. For more tips, drop us an email on [email protected]